XML Editor for Eclipse

Friday, July 8, 2005 11:55 AM — 4 commentsEdit

I just installed the Eclipse Web Tools Project stuff. It's not like I was doing web development, but these tools include something I've been looking for for ages:

### A decent XML Editor

Finally. I tried about 8 different tools, open source and commercial alike. All of them sucked in one or more ways - some we're merely text editors with highlighting, a lot were simply defunct, and something that not a single one got right was simple editing (proper indentation, proper cursor placement, etc.). The only one that was tolerable was the <oXygen/> editor, but well over $1000 * is a lot too much if your just using the XML editor.

It's still a little bit strange to install a full blown web development environment just to get something as basic as an XML editor (shouldn't this be provided by the editing platform by default?), but whatever.

* Update: I stand corrected, <oXygen/> is indeed a lot cheaper. Must have confused it with some other tool. Anyways judging from the first glimpse I prefer the WTP XML Editor over <oXygen/>, mainly because editing seems smoother.

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oxgen is priced less than 150 € and you should ask your employer to buy it, because it will increase your productivity.

Martin's employer already has a Oxygen license which is in use by me :-) But I'll give the WTP XML Editor a try: nothing beats having 4 to 5 XML editors at hand, esp. as all of them usually s*ck in one aspect or the other, e.g. "formatting and indenting" in Oxygen.

It took me years to find an XML editor that could knock down emacs+psgml mode as my preferred editor. Then I came across XMLMind and their XML Editor: http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/ It's cheap (in fact, there's a free version that will be enough for most people) and extremely extensible.

And no, I'm not affiliated with the company in any way :o)

I know that editor, and I really like it, especially for DocBook. But it's not integrated with Eclipse, so it doesn't really fit my work environment ... apart from having to run another JVM it wouldn't give me all the goodies Eclipse integration has (building, SVN, ...)